I am personally interested in random places that have the ‘Blade Runner’ feel,” says Ryan Allen, a PhD student from New York, who co-created the account @bladerunnerreality to post pictures of places that are aesthetically similar to Ridley Scott’s cult film.

“We realized we had a lot of photos of a certain kind of architecture or lighting which evoked flashbacks of ‘Blade Runner.’ We both loved the look so we got pretty excited about finding more of it in New York pretty quickly,” adds the other creator, Siddharth Chander, who now works in education in Washington, D.C.
They are also fascinated by the craft shown in the film. “The future isn’t clean, like so many other movies depict. It’s just this one little detail that builds this very real-feeling world,” says Ryan. Siddharth adds, “Yes, I think the detail is really inspiring. That kind of thinking resulted in one of the most beautiful films ever. You’d like to see that sort of creativity encouraged more often.”
Both Ryan and Siddharth share their own images of ‘Blade Runner’-inspired sightings, and also curate submissions of original pictures on the account. “For instance, we recently had one from Kazakhstan, which I don’t think is a place that immediately evokes a futuristic look,” says Ryan. Siddharth adds, “The best part of this whole thing was that right from the beginning we were contacted by a few people from Europe and South America who just loved it.

“We aren’t telling a story, each photo sort of tells a different story and then the next day it’s something new entirely,” says Siddharth.

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  5. that Mussina confounded everybody with his decision. That’s probably true, unless you actually read anything about it before today: The beat writers were saying he would retire, the Yankees were saying he would retire, and even Moose was saying near the end of the year that he would probably retire. If this announcement confounds you, you’re lost. But such is the state of the afternoon show on WFAN, where facts shall not be allowed to stand in the way of the host.

  6. Hi Dianne,It is so very interesting that you are doing this. With the budget crunch stateside and especially in my own state the stakes are high for TLs to "justify" their existence; as such, my county has "recommended" that we keep a data wall with just such statistics monthly. Initially everyone was posting them on a literal wall in a hallway or in the library. A colleague and I resorted to posting the data on our respective spaces on the school websites. Like you, I was amazed at the visual it gave me. Thanks for the idea graph. I will try to incorporate that in the future. Cheers, Bryant

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  12. Linda I agree “faith” wouldn’t be “faith” if we could always see the outcome . I haven’t read David Wilkinson’s book, “The Dream Giver”, but will put it on my list to read .Danielle I know what you mean about now wanting people to say something and they don’t. Like you I try my best to use “fear” as my motivation. Sometimes I’m good at it and other times no so good, but I don’t let it stop me from continuing to get better at working my way through the “fear”.

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  18. We used riblets (sarar in Somali) to cook the rice. Have the riblets chopped into small pieces. The meat that is shown in the picture, on top of the rice, is roasted lamb or goat cut into large pieces. Here is the link for the roasted goat . For that recipe you should use fresh goat or lamb. For the potatoes, use the Somali rice topping .There is a recipe for chilli sauce in the Bajiya post . God willing, we hope to post recipes (with video) for basbaas (Somali chilli sauce). Thank you.

  19. I so thank you for rising up and helping others in this time of much sorrow.You definitely have an old soul. Extremely wise, and thoughtful.You helped this community so much by stepping up and creating a place for everyone to grieve while grieving yourself.It is so appreciated.

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  55. Unique to Islam? Yes, but to a point that it more of the host culture's failure to force them to assimilate. When Europeans came to the USA in the early 20th century, they worked hard at assimilation even to the point of trying to lose their accents. You don't see that with Hispanics, Russians, Indians, Islanders, or Muslims in the US today. They expect to have special rights because of their alledged ethnicity.

  56. to me “if you had a chance of being normal, would you” and I replied “is there a normal, aren’t we all individuals in our own right, and to me thats like asking me to be someone else – so no I think I will keep me”..And your right when you say some Aspie do not feel they need a cure as Aspergers is not disease, not a disability and we do not need a cure. Just recognition, understanding and support. So for those of you who feel the need to prejudge us at less fine out what you do not know about or understand

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  94. I'm with Tharvey – that's the back! But I'm impressed that you've found a solution to the dangly threads problem. And thanks for the reminder about shoe pins! A girl from another school who was in my Saturday piano duet class used to have zillions of those on her shoes. She was a bit fancy, though, so she had them in co-ordinating pastel shades to match her shoes and socks, if I remember rightly.

  95. Abbas “is not pressing for a vote until after the U.S. presidential election” because everyone knows that the Israel Lobby would go batshit. But, seriously, does Abbas really want to be king of a few bubbles in a giant swiss cheese? Sad to say, but now the focus should be on turning Israel into a democratic, secular state.

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