Why giving civic space its indigenous name is everything and nothing

I’m not usually one to quote books because I rarely remember them, but I’m going to do it here. It’s from Wayne Johnston’s tale of Newfoundland, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams:

“Every morning, before work, using the oilcloth as my model, I drew the map of Newfoundland. My goal was to be able to draw it as well from memory as I could draw the map England. For the longest while, after I began drawing Newfoundland, it was the map of England I saw when I closed my eyes at night, as though my mind were sending forth this primary shape by way of protest — which it needn’t have bothered doing, since England had been so early imprinted on my brain that no amount of drawing other maps could supplant it.”

The instant I read that passage I highlighted it, wrote it down, made sure I would be able to access it because it resonated so deeply with me.

In Unrequited Dreams, British teachers make it very clear to their pupils in Newfoundland that England is the heart of civilization, of history, and that nothing to come from the colonies will ever be as good. To reinforce that, they elevate English writers, leaders and even geography as far more important than anything of local concern.

Unlike the novel’s protagonist, I was not made to draw a map of England every morning while attending school. But the imprint of England, and of other, more exciting and important places, imprinted itself on my mind at a very early age.

This sense of European superiority is no longer as blatant in Canadian society, but Canadian inferiority certainly is. Whether we’re discussing comedy, music, film, food or virtually anything else, a nagging question in the Canadian mind is “are we good enough?”

I believe that question, that doubt, comes from the importance we place on the cultures and histories of other places over our own. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with knowing about the rest of the world- in fact, it’s essential. But often that knowledge comes at the expense of knowing anything of ourselves.

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  110. I love how you remind us that we’re not incapable of change and that God is always at work in us. I think one thing about myself that I really struggle with and that I tend to impose on others is this cynicism that people cannot change, that the things that are broken cannot be fixed, so I just keep on breaking them. I know my faults and the faults of others and I often feel powerless to change them, believing that everything is inevitable. Thanks for reminding me that with God, WE are possible and capable of change.

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  141. What drivel. The 'consultant' claims that there are no state owned companies in the US. He forgets the government actions to save GM and Chrysler. He claims that the US does not subsidise companies when that is a blatant lie. He claims that it is hard to make changes when manufacturing far away. But Steve Jobs, who was not a consultant, pointed out that the reason why Apple went to China because it is easier to make changes. A falling dollar, over-regulated environment, and high energy costs do not help countries that have massive debts and need to import capital. The last time I looked that described the US.

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  293. #405 is a household flour here, it has 9-11% protein content, so it's slightly lower than the AP flour in the states. It won't be a problem to use AP flour in the recipe, but if you bake a chiffon cake, then a pastry or cake flour would be more suitable.

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  295. Glenn Beck has done more to promote racism and further the racial divide than anyone else in my lifetime. He is THE prime example of how deeply one individual can missunderstand another, and how dangerous that can become when fear is added.I wish nothing more than for him to stop attempting to invoke the name of my God in his messages."Our" faith has nothing to do with YOUR message Mr. Beck.

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  297. Flatheads. It is possible for a race/ethnicity to have a distinctive head shape. Where I live in Sacramento there are hordes of Hispanics with a sort of truncated pinhead. Flat-planed on the sides and back and tapering up to a sort of small plateau. It gives them a battering-ram kind of a look

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  302. – I love all these texture photos Sara. The mood and feel of them all is perfect. This is my own personal bias coming through but I keep thinking how amazing these would all look shot with film. What can I say, I’m a sucker for detail shots using film. Great work as always. Cheers!

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