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  19. I can honestly tell you Albrighton is twice the player Downing is. Downing cant beat a player and doesnt have any skill in his locker, Albrighton can skin players for fun and has skill in abundance. He also has one of the best crosses ive seen since Beckham. Young doesnt really skin players either but Albrighton isnt quite on his level YET. However, he is still very young and has a lot to learn. If he keeps progressing the way he is, he will soon be much better than Young without a doubt

  20. My Ted, you’re extra classy today. You wrote a column in which you compared eating to nicotine addiction, suggested a tax on fatty food, cast the serious problem of obesity in a silly light, offered no substantive solutions and you called a reader stupid. Good job. Check this day’s bad deed off your list. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish tomorrow.

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  23. Oddly enough, I posted about Dragon Castle the same day you did. I went for dinner, and it was good enough that I'm trying out the dim sum this weekend. Glad to hear you had a great dim sum experience there. [And now I'm going to read your post on Gourmet San, which I've also been to . . . though I now go to its sibling, My Old Place, bc it's more conveniently located.]

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  28. Welcome Susan, and thanks for the margaritas! I'm a southern girl, born and raised in Virginia. I've managed to lose some of my accent, but it's still lurking there. Where I grew up, the accent was so strong we made English sound like a foreign language. Your book sounds great. I'm off to check it out now.

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  30. tracey · Hi Michelle – There seems to be a bit of that confused weather going on around the place … I know our temperatures have been a bit all over the place this year. It can make it difficult to know what kind of season to prepare for when you leave the house.Ah yes, you’re right about the delight of ‘giving your toes fresh air’ in summer … that’s a perfect way of putting it!

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  33. OK, since this was only audio, I’m going to assume you were reading from a script. Otherwise, that kid is amazing. I didn’t know the stuff he knew and I have a Master’s degree. Where did he get his smarts (that is if he wasn’t reading a script, which I still don’t have proof of!). Congratulations to all!

  34. This was incredible! I had burgers but no rolls so I made a gravy to go over them. I had a yellow onion instead of red and I used a really nice Montepulciano red wine. I halved the recipe and it worked perfectly. The gravy was out of this world! Thank you!

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  37. Sverige är ett demokratiskt land där alla ska ha rätt att yttra sig. Denna reklam håller sig inom ramen för vad som är lagligt i yttrandefrihetsgrundlagen. Jag vill inte ha åsiktspoliser i Sverige. Däremot är det viktigt att vi andra reagerar när ett extremistparti som SD sprider sin propaganda.

  38. I love this post on a couple levels – what a memory of Julia! Your telling is always fun. You pulled me in on the first line… When my youngest was about to go to college I also followed a dream, opening a fun little shop. To following our dreams!

  39. Hi Angie,My advice would be to tell your friend what makes her awesome. I always compliment my friend on how she can pull off skinny jeans and I can’t (skinny jeans actually mock me!!)And she’s all about the totally fantabulous hair accesories I have (rhinestone barrettes!) See? All you gotta do!!

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  46. Fabuloso!!!, me encanta la forma en que escribes, es una linda y novedosa experiencia que vale la pena contar a fondo, con pelos y señales. Extraño mis clases de español con ustedes pero me alegra saber que están asimilando la cultura latina y la forma de pensar. Y tengo la seguridad de que dentro de poco tiempo vas a poder traducir este maravilloso diario al español. Adelante Tanya!!!!

  47. Qué originales!!! Y además, como siempre, seguro que riquísimas!!Por cierto, si la idea de Nieves ha sido buena, la tuya de empaquetarlas (a modo de rompecabezas jejeje) no le va a la zaga que ya estaba yo viendo que Miguel solo iba a tener uvas pa los cuartos, y eso siendo muy optimistas ¡¡FELIZ 2012!!

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  49. Un bon velouté, délicieux et réconfortant comme je les aime ! Ca me donne juste envie d’y plonger ma cuillère, bon, je vais attendre midi quand-même ;-)Merci ma Lili, et je te souhaite un doux week-end ! Bisous tout plein !

  50. sono sempre stato un fan della prima serie e di „the next generation” ma a vedere la protagonista ho fatto male a perdermi „deep space nine”! : )scusate se sono stato un po’ becero si faceva per scherzare : )gianluca il nichilista

  51. Wow, I work in a therapeutic nursery and I’m now eying the kiddies’ crayons like a vulture. Will pick some up tomorrow so I don’t break anyone’s heart! Thank you so much for all you do for the polymer community!

  52. Koliko inspirativnih sličica, divno!!! Moja mama od kada pamtim razgovara sa svojim cvijećem, ne znam jel zato imamo Å¡umu i u vrtu i u domu, no bit će da ima neÅ¡to u tome! Velika pusa, draga moja! 🙂

  53. pasta for dinner.  It has all of the things that I want when I have had a long and trying day.  Pasta?  Check.  Cheese?  Three kinds.  Crusty top?  Yup.  We eat a lot of vegetarian dishes at our

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  57. grant is not watching film at all.that’s very obvious don’t you think? I don’t even think he is watching the 49ers…. I think he is just speaking his mind and his opinions and no one agrees with him.

  58. Great vid Russ, it must be hard holding the cam steady while popping plus cos its microscopic even the smallest movement is exaggerated! i wonder if you could fix the camera to the extractor by a small bracket type arrangement of maybe paperclip wire then thin strips of duct tape to hold in place? im thinking of getting a usb microscope now!

  59. Dodds-E: We’ll see if he does better the second time around. He’s very serious about his work. Plus, that stupid girl, I hate. THE ONE WITH THE DOG. YOU KNOW THE ONE I MEAN.Ai: Hey, after I finish Solitude, I’m going to eat sushi. That means I’ll need a sushi buddy… 😉

  60. Achilaoût 3, 2012 Peut-on bannir cet homme? ou le pendre?non je plaisante mais il y à des connaisseurs ici et la comparaison avec le ballantine (fucking blend) est un pure blasphème.Et puis honnêtement, 50€ pour une soirée étudiante… ça fait chèro!

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  62. Nicoli Koloff October 2, 2011 09:40It is a matter of size. Evolution. Isn’t it, gentlemen? The Red Sox are the most perfectly trained athlete ever. This other team has not the size, the strength, the *genetics* to win. It is physically impossible for this little team to win. The Red Sox are a look at the future! 8  0

  63. I made overnight oats once (back in 2008 when everybody was doing it). I thought to myself “I like oatmeal but am extremely lazy/rushed in the morning so this seems like a good solution.” HELL TO THE NO…. it was like eating cement.

  64. Define staff. Perhaps he’s a paid contractor?And I know how blogs work. P and I have decreased you viewership but I’m about to leave as well. You can continue to post tidbits about who rode a bike in the rain (not that I mind publicity for a former freeholder running mate) and P can continue talking to himself inventing controversies that only he resolves.I do not advocate censorship (if you indeed have no control over P). I merely express sadness for the demise of this blog.

  65. "Chinese M 30% F 40%Japanese M 27% F 32%Korean M 40% F 60%"This makes a lot of sense, especially since Koreans have usually been considered the tallest and most attractive of the East Asians (not including the growth-stunted North Koreans, obviously).

  66. November 11, 2012  8:03 am by Scatigno MadDragon and I ran some games last night on Vita. I can’t speak for him but I had a lot of fun. We need to get some games in today before the podcast.

  67. Olá! Vim agradecer a visita e dizer que sinto muito também pela tua perda. Mas, como dizes, avida tem de continuar…E gostei da forma como escreveste, acho que devias utilizar o blog também para expressares os teus sentimentos já que o fazes tão bem. os blogs são isso mesmo: um espelho da nossa alma. Se o não forem, não valem a pena! Beijinhos!

  68. Please clarify the statement from Weight Loss Tips for Women re: Eat breakfast. “Those who eat breakfast are at 400% greater risk for obesity than those who don’t,” the article states. Fiber and protein are good choices to help stave off hunger binges and crashes later.” This statement is saying EATING breakfast WILL MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT; However, I’ve always heard you were suppose to eat breakfast. Is this a misprint? Thank you.

  69. does anyone know any currently running Yuri and fantasy anime t.v shows that are worth checking out also I am trying to widen the range of anime I watch I currently watch a lot of action and a few comdey but I want to try something differentsomething that is English subbed

  70. I was in Cincinnati this weekend,too. Wish I had seen you. I did tell some people about your blog. This card is one of my favorites. Love that fence, and really appreciate knowing how to color it. I hope I can get to your class in Dayton. I live in Indianapolis. Any chance you will be here? Thanks for the tutorials.

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  72. much respect to joey. i've only met him through seeing second coming play. i had no idea he had been around so early in the bay area scene. my main interest and focus has been on the late 90's style hardcore, and the late 80's and early 90's are a blank piece of history for me as far as bay area hardcore is concerned. i would love to hear more stories from joey.

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  81. Otro voto para "Lost in Translation". Recuerdo haberla visto en v.o. y me gustó muchísimo el trabajo de Bill Murray y la visión de Japón de la Coppola.. fué el mejor año de Johansson, también estupenda en "La joven de la perla".Estoy de acuerdo en que depende mucho del estado de ánimo el hecho de que disfrutes más o menos de esa película…

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