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  8. 17 novembre 2010Comic : Oui juste, l’idée de « ouvert à tous » que j’exprime c’est plus le fait que des blogs qui ne sont pas dans les listes des soirées commerciales puissent venir participer.La soirée quand à elle était ouverte A TOUS et gratuite.C’est assez rare pour être relevé. Ensuite concernant les blogs d’opinion, tu imagines bien que je trouve ça dommage.

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  11. I don’t know about the rest of you, but i heard a decidedly anti-war speech last night by President Obama. Although I would have liked the “anti-war” stance to have been for moral reasons, this time around Mr. Obama is saying America cannot afford another war, especially a war as catastrophic as a war against against Iran will be. Anyone have a less starry-eyed interpretation?

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  16. Another sweet and precious member added to your wonderful family. I have been wondering about her arrival. I love the picture of all your family. Sarah,may the good Lord bless and keep you and the family safe, healthy with many blessing in the New Year.

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  20. Jen, thank you for words of inspiration. I can’t tell you how much it lifted me. Meditation, how I have come to enjoy my time with me. I have started to figure out so much about myself with the help of all those crazy monkeys running around. But at last they have started to vanish, slowly,ever so slowly leaving just a silent space here and there just for me.NamasteSherry

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  35. Mr O’Grady (comment #12). With all due respect,sir, it is an artist’s responsibility to keep his or her mouth open. At our best we are mirrors for our own societies, many of which (particularly our own as of late) get lost in the morass of their own problems and general lack of public discourse. At our worst, we are puppets making art deco and contributing to the anasthetic of modern “entertainment”. If you don’t like people expressing their opinions, change the channel, watch the Simpsons, get stoned, and stop the half-baked attempts at expressing your own.

  36. "Soijaa pitää käsitellä paljon jotta sitä voi syödä,…" Entä tuoreet soijapavut, niitähän saa myös japskiravintoloista höyrytettynä ja suolattuna, ne on ihania… Pitääkö tästäkin tuoreherkusta nyt kieltäytyä??? Missä muodossa soija on vahingollista? Tässä alkaa olla pää ulalla…

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  44. As tears stream down my face I want to thank you Tess for your comment. I consider myself to be a pretty accepting person (often TOO much) but when my oldest daughter quit speaking to me & stopped allowing me to be a part of my 2 grandson’s lives I fought hard for a long time. It just made things worse.I quit trying to call her, text her, go to her house . . . but I still think about her every day & wonder if she or the kids are thinking about me, I wonder if she’s driving by, I worry about her.[]

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  47. What a relief from Mr perfect (Neil Mitchell) who has never done anything wrong in his whole life, I admit that I do like the morning boys on 3AW and Darren in the Afternoon but you have my vote, you did very well for the first day, Great start keep up the good work. Steve when you moved to Sydney you put Melbourne down, and I know you would be trying to catch the Sydney audience, but this is my village, be loyal as I will listen so try to be loyal. All th best

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  54. Just checked the link on my post and it works! How that notifies you, though, is beyond me, Rich. At any rate, the meme has been addressed even if it dies on my particular doorstep. I’ve often wondered: if these sort of chains continue to grow, at what point do they smother everything else out there? Happy reading, my friend…..

  55. And you will get back money! This is the insurance’s way of making the last big profit off of you before the Obamacare takes full effect. They can probably do that until 2014 but part of the law is that if they spend less than 80% of your premiums on healthcare then they would have to issue the refund to you. These are the checks that people are so happy about. I’m sure you also know people who got these checks. Unless you are also a GOP plant being paid to say these things. To plant doubt in peoples minds.

  56. · This really hit home for me — I’m also a newlywed (Oct. 8) and it seems like nearly everyone has an opinion … thoughts to share …etc. etc. It’s hard to tune it all out sometimes, but I try to remember that every person’s experience is different; it helps!And this looks amazing; I’m bookmarking for Saturday-morning juice-making.

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  60. susanlike, like, like it allpressing the ‘share’ button nowbut as I only have 30 some FB friends.. no fameturbo boosters here.. (I really must get out more!)Fame is over rated anyways… I just want to be a really goodpiece of the puzzle, and not the weak link.Also, ‘hi’ to Chuck per previous thread comment.side note while I’m thinking of it.. printed N.Calif map this week.. guys arein Long Beach at show w promo of now.. I’ll get you a copyxxo, susan (????)”

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